Sound Woodworks Inc.
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Design Process Homeowners

We begin the design process by meeting and discussing the over-all look and feel of your project. You may be working with an architect or designer and already have plans drawn up.  Or you may have a general concept about the design, but only have a rough sketch and a few pictures that you’ve torn out of magazines.  We will work with your existing plans or we can design the complete layout of your cabinets.

For kitchen design we discuss elements like new and existing appliances, work flow, storage options, garbage/recycling/composting and existing structural components.  It’s important to have a realistic budget so that we can prioritize which features are most important to you. 

We provide a free estimate based on the information we receive at our initial meeting.  When you become a client, we continue to discuss your overall design, your cabinet configurations, wood species, door and drawer design, accessory options and finish details until we have the design you are satisfied with.  Then we produce detailed drawings that are used to build your cabinets.  We will coordinate production and delivery with your contractor, electrician, countertop provider and flooring provider.  Throughout this process, we remain flexible and true to your vision.